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The Claudio Ciai Foundation is a non-profit based in Italy that aims to assist with the ongoing support and recuperation of victims suffering brain injuries or permanent disabilities as a result of accidents on the road and/or the workplace. Key goals include: 

  • Providing a toolkit of valuable information and resources for families and friends, following four years of intense research and trial-and-error to find a cure and the most humane care possible for Claudio;

  • An information center sourcing and sharing news about innovative research, new technologies, hospitals and assistance centers in Italy and other countries across the globe. Assistance in understanding victim rights and associated compensation as well as financial support from the foundation as available and needed for victims in need;

  • Act as a helping hand and empathetic guide in moments when tragedy strikes to help families and friends of victims identify best solutions and next steps in moments of need, particularly when a loved one is still alive but without the ability to be autonomous.

The foundation is born from the reassurance that even the woes of sadness and suffering can be transformed into a positive energy of love and kindness, providing a beacon of hope for those in need in their darkest moments.  

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Claudio Ciai

Claudio Ciai is born in Florence, Italy on January 12, 1958. 

From an early age, he develops a love for soccer, being an avid fan of the Fiorentina professional soccer team and playing for his favorite recreational squad, Rondinella Marzocco. The official logo of his squad is thus the inspiration for the Claudio Ciai Foundation logo. 

At 19, he graduates from the Leonardo da Vinci Technical Institute and begins to work at SIP (today Telecom Italia) in 1980.  

In 1981, he marries Daniela and their son, Francesco, is born in 1987. 

Claudio worked tirelessly for 23 years to provide for his family's every need and to purchase the home of their dreams in which to grow old.  

He continued to play soccer in intramural games organized by Cral Telecom and eventually began a new soccer adventure with the squad, PSV INDOVE. 

On September 15, 2010, during a routine work trip, he was involved in a horrific car accident that changed his life forever. Claudio suffered severe brain trauma, including diffuse axonal injury resulting in irreparable and permanent damage to motor, cognitive and functional body abilities. He became unable to communicate, move or even feed himself. He spent his last years at Villa Jole R.S.A. in Bagno a Ripoli, Florence, where he was fed via a peg and suffered severe muscle spasms that eventually deformed his body.  Nonetheless, he was cared for with great affection and his eyes always shined with light and hope. And thanks to a number of very special people always close to him, he was at times able to smile and even emit powerful emotions.  

On March 19, 2014, Claudio lost his battle against his condition, but his family and friends decided to continue in his name. This is how the Claudio Ciai Foundation was born. 

Claudio's incredible will to live will always remain, alongside his constant strive to help those in need, his spontaneity, and his unmatched good humor. His joy will be ultimately reflected in the persons that will be touched in his name through the Claudio Ciai Foundation.

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