Fight injustices taking place every day against people who cannot raise their own voice by raising your own. Become a part of the campaign "CIAI CORAGGIO?" 

With this campaign, we aim to raise awareness of the lack of basic legal human rights and press attention happening every day for cases of victims suffering from brain injuries. 

It's simple to take part in this initiative. Just follow these two steps:

1 - Take a selfie holding a piece of paper with your name on it and the following hashtags: 

  • # CiaiCoraggio 
  • # ClaudioCiai 
  • # DirittiUmani 

For your reference, #CiaiCoraggio is a play on words that roughly translated means "Are you corageous?"; #ClaudioCiai is of course our foundation's namesake; and #DirittiUmani translates to "Human Rights."

2 - Share it on social media by tagging us: 

Anyone can participate by helping to give visibility to stories that are too often ignored. We thank you in advance!