Segnali d'Amore in Florence

An artistic collaboration and exhibition, opening on Saturday, November 11 with an aperitivo and auction to help raise funds for victims of road accidents and their families. Free entry! See you at the Tepidarium del Roster at the Giardino dell'Orticultura!  


Fight injustices taking place every day against people who cannot raise their own voice by raising your own. Become a part of the campaign "CIAI CORAGGIO?" 

With this campaign, we aim to raise awareness of the lack of basic legal human rights and press attention happening every day for cases of victims suffering from brain injuries. 

It's simple to take part in this initiative. Just follow these two steps:

1 - Take a selfie holding a piece of paper with your name on it and the following hashtags: 

  • # CiaiCoraggio 
  • # ClaudioCiai 
  • # DirittiUmani 

For your reference, #CiaiCoraggio is a play on words that roughly translated means "Are you corageous?"; #ClaudioCiai is of course our foundation's namesake; and #DirittiUmani translates to "Human Rights."

2 - Share it on social media by tagging us: 

Anyone can participate by helping to give visibility to stories that are too often ignored. We thank you in advance! 

New Florence Project



Original Artwork to be Exhibited from December 11-13 in Florence, along with a 
Series of Related Free Public Events: 

Cocktail Reception to Kick-Off the “New Florence Project” Exhibition and 
2015 Calendar; Yoga and Restorative Therapy Sessions; Educational Seminars on Developments in Treating Severe Brain Injuries and Road Safety; and More

Florence, Italy (Dec. 1, 2014) – The Claudio Ciai Foundation has launched the “New Florence Project” – an international art collaboration and exhibition along with free events open to the public in support of the Foundation’s Mission.

The Claudio Ciai Foundation was founded in memory of Claudio Ciai who was involved in a tragic car accident in 2010. Claudio sustained traumatic brain injuries resulting in irreparable and permanent damage to motor, cognitive and functional body abilities. He passed away in March 2014, but his family and friends decided to create a Foundation in his name to assist with the ongoing support and recuperation of victims suffering brain injuries or permanent disabilities as a result of accidents on the road and/or the workplace.

Sixteen illustrious artists from New York City and Florence have participated in the “New Florence Project,” creating a mix between the Florence Duomo and the city of New York. All of the original artworks have been published in a vibrant “New Florence Project” 2015 Calendar, available on the Foundation’s online Shop.

The theme for the “New Florence Project” was chosen due to the Ciai family’s strong historical ties with the financing and construction of the Florence Duomo during the Renaissance. Additionally, the evening before his accident, Claudio Ciai expressed a wish to one day visit New York City, a dream that was never realized.

The original artworks will be on view from December 11-13 at the Sala delle Leopoldine (Piazza Tasso n.7, Florence, Italy). In addition to the art exhibition, the Foundation will be hosting a series of unique events free and open to the public during this period.



Thursday, December 11

Hosted by Olistic Network

  • 15h - 17h: Restorative massage demonstrations
  • 17h - 18h: Introductory yoga class

19h – 23h

  • Kick off event for the “New Florence Project” exhibition and 2015 Calendar, featuring music, wine, food and shopping for accessories and holiday items

Friday, December 12

10h – 22h 

  • New Florence Project Art Exhibit 

10h – 12h30 

  • Road Safety Seminars Hosted by:
    • Vincenzo Ceccarelli - Regional Governmental Official 
    • Eugenio Giani, Region of Tuscany Governmental Official  
    • Associazione Lorenzo Guarnieri
    • Associazione Gabriele Borgogni
    • Police Department

Saturday, December 13

10h – 22h 

  • New Florence Project Art Exhibit 

15h30 – 18h30

  • Seminars discussing developments in treating brain injuries
    • Associazione Italiana Afasici – testimony of brain injury survivor, Chiara Berti
    • Stefano Ianne, Music Therapist
    • Pasquale Fedele, Brain Control
    • Neurologists
    • Logotherapists

In its short existence, the Foundation has already launched successful awareness campaigns, including #CiaiCoraggio, born out of an open letter lamenting the injustices of the Italian government’s treatment of victims of road accidents. The letter, written by Francesco Ciai, Foundation President, became a viral hit, with over 28,000 shares on Facebook and considerable press coverage in Italy.

The artists that have participated in the “New Florence Project” are: Salvatore Magazzini (Florence), Sergio Nardoni (Florence), Vittorio Terracina (New York), Yuriko Katori (New York), Barbara Daly, (Florence), Alf Dahlman (New York), Katie Killary (New York), Silvia Paoli (Florence), Nicole A. Saenz (New York), Giovanni Bini (Florence), Angela Rago (New York), Isabel Zuniga (Florence), Maria Rita Venza (Florence), Mauro Rigacci (Florence), Matteo Tesi (Florence) and Simonetta Aiazzi (Florence).  


The Claudio Ciai Foundation is a non-profit based in Italy that aims to assist with the ongoing support and recuperation of victims suffering brain injuries or permanent disabilities as a result of accidents on the road and/or the workplace. Key goals include: 

  • Providing a toolkit of valuable information and resources for families and friends, following four years of intense research and trial-and-error to find a cure and the most humane care possible for Claudio;
  • An information center sourcing and sharing news about innovative research, new technologies, hospitals and assistance centers in Italy and other countries across the globe. Assistance in understanding victim rights and associated compensation as well as financial support from the foundation as available and needed for victims in need; 
  • Act as a helping hand and empathetic guide in moments when tragedy strikes to help families and friends of victims identify best solutions and next steps in moments of need, particularly when a loved one is still alive but without the ability to be autonomous. 

The foundation is born from the reassurance that even the woes of sadness and suffering can be transformed into a positive energy of love and kindness, providing a beacon of hope for those in need in their darkest moments.  

For more information, images or interview requests, please contact the Claudio Ciai Foundation at